Published work

Al Jazeera – September 6, 2017: War against ISIL: Saving lives on the front lines


The Sunday Times – July 16, 2017: Fighting continues in Mosul

The Sunday Times online gallery – July 16, 2017


The Sunday Times – July 9, 2017: Saving lives in Mosul’s Old City


Middle East Eye – 31 May 2017: Waiting for stability: A Syrian family’s tale of rejection and acceptance


Photo feature: Geographical Magazine – April 2017: The ISIS Inferno


Photo essay: Al Jazeera – 12 MAR 2017: Mobile courts give hope to displaced Iraqis


Single image: Fria Tidningen


Photo essay: Al Jazeera – 05 FEB 2017: The forgotten generations: Palestinian refugees in Iraq


Photo essay: Al Jazeera – 23 JAN 2017: Iraqi Christians return to ISIL’s wreckage


Image: National Geographic Daily Dozen – 13 JAN, 2017: Selfies on the fire’s edge


Photo gallery: Wales Online – 26 DEC 2016: On the front line of the war against Islamic State: A Welsh photographer took these stunning pictures in Iraq


Single image: Vox – 25 OCT 2016: France’s “Jungle” refugee camp is being dismantled – and residents may have nowhere to go


Single image: – 24 OCT 2016: France is getting set to demolish the ‘Jungle’, the massive migrant camp in Calais

Photo gallery: Middle East Monitor – 24 OCT 2016: Refugees displaced as France clears ‘the Jungle’


Single image: Middle East Monitor – 24 OCT 2016: France starts clearing ‘jungle’ migrant camp in Calais


Single image: DW – 23 OCT 2016: Migrants, aid groups anxious over clearing of Calais ‘Jungle’ 


Images: NBC News – 02 AUG 2016: ‘Symbol of hope’: Refugee team to make history at Rio 2016 Olympics


Single image: Geographical Magazine – 18 JUL 2016: Running free: Refugees at the Olympics


Images: Glamour – 4 JUN 2016: These women are part of the Olympics’ first all-refugee team


Feature and photos: The Electronic Intifada – 19 MAY 2016: Sowing steadfastness, harvesting hope


Written feature and images: Middle East Eye – 10 MAY 2016: Skype SOS: A refugee’s lifeline to freedom


Feature and photos: The Electronic Intifada – 9 MAY 2016: Israel’s war on nonviolent resistance in Hebron


Feature and photos: Middle East Eye – 29 MAR 2016: How DNA tests proved Palestinian’s innocence of false knife claim


Photo essay: Al Jazeera – 25 MAR 2016: An oasis of peace for Palestinian children in Hebron


Single image: National Geographic – 25 FEB 2016: ‘Built to Walk’ story


Single image: National Geographic Magazine – October 2015


Single image: Geographical Magazine – August 2015: Alone in the dark – Alimatu’s story, Ghana


Photo gallery and text: Institute for Middle East Understanding – 21 JUL 2015: Residents of Sysiya brace themselves for arrival of Israeli bulldozers


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