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Claire Thomas is a photojournalist and fine art photographer from Wales whose work explores issues surrounding political and military conflicts, humanitarian and environmental crises, and stories of social, cultural, and environmental significance.

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Hailing from the heartland of rural south Wales, Claire Thomas is an award-winning photojournalist and fine art photographer currently based between the UK and Egypt. Her focus on photojournalism spans critical subjects such as political and military conflicts, human rights, and humanitarian and environmental crises.

From refugee camps in Europe to the frontlines against ISIS in Iraq, Claire has contributed impactful images and photo essays to leading global newspapers, magazines, and news agencies. Her exceptional work earned recognition at the 2023 Amnesty International UK Media Awards for its profound impact, specifically for coverage in northeast Syria.

Furthermore, Claire has served as a judge for various international photography competitions.

Her acclaimed fine art photography sells to collectors and businesses worldwide, and her work has been exhibited internationally including New York, Paris, Brussels, Sharjah, Taipei, and Cairo, among others.

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