Northern Mongolia and the Dukha Reindeer Herders


Join me on a bespoke once in a lifetime photography expedition into the Mongolian taiga to meet Dukha families and their herds of reindeer. Also known as Tsaatan, which means ‘those who have reindeer’ in the Mongolian language, the Dukha are an ethnic minority whose traditional way of life is extremely vulnerable, and they are amongst the few remaining reindeer herders in the world. They live a nomadic lifestyle in the remote Siberian forest that borders Russia in northern Mongolia, moving several times a year in search of grazing for their domesticated reindeer.

This trip requires a basic level of fitness and preferably some horse riding experience as it involves several days on horseback to reach the families. We will also have several long days driving in a 4-wheel drive vehicle over extremely rough terrain.

This bespoke private tour can be arranged at a time of year that suits you. Price includes all in-country transportation, accommodation, food, photography instruction and translation during the trip.

International flights to Ulaanbaatar, travel insurance, tips, alcoholic drinks and photographic equipment are not included.

This trip is suitable for both aspiring and professional photographers and anyone who’s interested in an authentic and culturally immersive experience that offers a genuine insight into the lives of the families we’ll meet.

Duration: 14-15 days

Dates: Yearly. Currently taking bookings for 2025

Group size: Minimum 1 person, maximum 6

Start and end: Ulaanbaatar

Adventure / discomfort level: High

Rider weight limit: 100 kgs

Why Mongolia? 

From the steppe to the snow-covered Altai Mountains and the vast Gobi Desert, Mongolia is a wild and rugged country with astounding natural diversity and ancient cultures that reflect the spirit and resilience of its nomadic peoples and their tangible connection with the land.

With a focus on photography and storytelling, join me on a photo tour to the remote, rural reaches of Mongolia and get to know the people whose livelihoods depend on their animals and the land that sustains them. These tours offer an authentic and culturally immersive experience with a true insight into the lives of the families we’ll meet.

The roads may (will) be bumpy and seemingly endless, and home comforts elusive, but for the not-too-faint-hearted I have no doubt that this will be an enriching and memorable experience, as it is for me each and every time I visit.

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